My Story

I figured a quick introduction is in order before I get around to posting things.

To start, my name is Cat. I am currently following Medi Weight-Loss Clinic’s low carbohydrate program for well… weight loss. I’m no stranger to the world of low carb. Twelve years ago I purchased DANDR and attempted to follow the plan. I was miserable! Lack of planning on my part, lack of support for low-carbohydrate diets online and in general, and lack of products (Splenda, among others) that made eating low-carb easier led to my early downfall.

Still, I understood the basics of why low-carb diets worked so well.

Fast forward twelve years to 2010. Lately, I feel like I just “blew up”. In truth, I joined an endurance program locally and trained my way up the scale. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, when you ride 60 miles on a bike, you tend to believe you’ve earned that chocolate milk, those potato chips, and that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When you run/walk 12 miles, you think that Panera bagel with cinnamon cream cheese is your freaking birthright!

I developed an entitlement mentality around food. And thanks to that entitlement mentality, I developed a 40-60 pound weight problem. (Only time will tell, as I crawl back down the scale with a body that definitely has a reconfigured muscle/fat composition than it did pre-endurance and weight gain how severe my weight problem truly was.)

I visited my local doctor for a complete blood panel, including every thyroid test you could throw at the problem. My complaint? “How come I’m gaining so much weight all of the sudden?” My doctor dutifully did all the blood work but made it very clear during my visit that from his exam, I didn’t appear to have any thyroid issues (the blood tests bore this out) and that my weight gain boiled down to two simple things: 1) perimenopause (“very common for a woman of your age” – ARGH!) and 2) my excessive love of carbs.

His recommendation was simple: Cut out the carbs. Follow a low carb plan. His specific recommendation was Medi Weight-Loss, because his wife had lost, and kept off, 40 pounds following their plan. Lest I have any suspicions that he didn’t know what he was talking about, he informed me that he himself had lost 100+ pounds following a low carb diet over ten years ago, and he was still maintaining that loss. All of this explained why he was so progressive in his recommendation. Most doctors today still subscribe to the USDA-subsidized “food pyramid” – the one that many low carb proponents point to as foundation for the obesity epidemic in this country.

Since I began this way of eating approximately 6 weeks ago, I’ve lost 25 pounds. I’ve still got a ways to go, and I’ve been finding it difficult to plan for actual meals and incorporate variety in my diet. For several weeks, dinner consisted of a few ounces of rotisserie chicken, or maybe a green salad or some green beans. There was no plan, no inspiration, I’d just come home at night and try to figure out what I could eat that wouldn’t throw me off plan.

So I’ve decided to try to come up with a meal plan for each week, and that’s the genesis of this site. More about the site itself in my next post.


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