About LCMP

The Meal Plans
I hate to put a lot of work into something and not share it with others. So, when I started putting together meal plans for my own personal use, I thought it would be a great idea to share those plans in case there’s anyone else out there who is looking for a way to switch it up.

  • Low calorie: 400 calories per serving or less, with sides included
  • Low carb: 15g or fewer “net carbs” per serving
  • 2 servings: Makes it easy to double for a family, or halve for a single – or just take the leftovers in for lunch!
  • All-inclusive: Meals either contain a main dish and side dish, or are one dish dinners (i.e. dinner salads)
  • Easy shopping, easy preparation

Why Is it Free? What’s the Catch?
I’ve put together this site for free for several reasons. First, these are my meal plans that I’m choosing to share, so I’m not beholden to any customer requests or complaints, which is a relief. I don’t like mushrooms, so you won’t find them here. Same with fish which you’ll see rarely in my weekly plans. (It also doesn’t reheat well, reheating is a factor I consider when I’m putting together plans.) If I were to insist on payment for stuff, I’d feel pressured to include meals based on things I don’t necessarily like. And I’d have a customer base who would expect weekly plans on a specific schedule – that I might not necessarily be able to keep to. I don’t feel like dealing with that. So, it’s free. The catch is if you don’t like the meal plans, you can move on without having to bother me for a refund.

Are donations.  The PayPal link is below. If you find these meal plans useful, then I would be grateful for a donation, no matter how small!


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