The First Shop

In case it isn’t obvious, this LC Meal Plans site and idea is totally in its infancy. As in, I had the idea to put up the site and share the meal plans just yesterday, after I finished my first one. Someone suggested that I reach out to some folks in the “LC world” to publicize my site and the approach I’m working on, but I’d like to make sure I can maintain doing the work for at least a few weeks first!

Yesterday I did my first shop for the items on this week’s LC Meal Plan list. I bought a lot of stuff that wasn’t on the list (toilet paper, cling wrap, Powerade Zero, etc.) and ended up spending $50 for the trip, so that’s not too bad for the totals for a week.

I was impressed with how quickly I was able to get in and get out of the store following the list. I arranged it the way my Harris Teeter, and most grocery stores, seem to be laid out – with vegetables up front, then deli, refrigerated, etc. It only took about 20 minutes in and out of the store. I was dreading the shopping too so it was nice to have a relatively pain free trip.

My weight loss weeks begin on Tuesdays, so tonight will be my first night following my meal plan and I’ll be starting off with Meal #1, the Cheesy Salsa Chicken. My husband likes to cook, but I hate it, so a big test of how far I’ll take this will be how long it takes me to cook, how much there is to clean up, and of course how tasty and filling the meal actually is.

I plan on reviewing as many of the meals as possible. I’m not wedded to any of these recipes, and I’ll be judging whether or not they’re worth making again and adding to another meal plan. Check in tomorrow to see how the cooking went!

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